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Design and supply of professional and protective clothing items incorporating the latest designs, technologies and innovations and catering to the; Fire, Emergency/Rescue, Protection, Defence, Resource & Professional/Corporate industry sectors

                   protective clothing, Protective Footwear


TotalCare® Service;

LHD Group employs a direct supply and TotalCare® system for numerous international and Australian clients for the supply, distribution/wardrobe management, care, laundering, repair and maintenance of all clothing/PPC and footwear items. The very essence of the TotalCare® model is to add maximum value, by optimised and expert coordination of clients clothing/PPC supply and wardrobe management system. The LHD Group pioneered this concept close to two decades ago and is field proven globally with TotalCare® centres operational across the globe.

         protective clothing, fire fighting suits

                                                    protective clothing, fire fighting suits

360 degree service;

Intelligent Clothing Management

LHD’s ability to provide differentiated added value services is exemplified through their unique 360 degree service delivery model and customer centric business processes that focus on the specific needs of the end user, from product conception through to end of life management.
This holistic approach starts with detailed consultation with the customer to gain a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of their needs with regard to operational use and management of all uniform items and protective clothing. Our in house design team work hand in hand with its strategically developed supply chain to create bespoke solutions that are tailored to specific customer needs. A product development phase allows for end user feedback and the sharing of best practice from the global team.
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protective clothing, fire fighting suits