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The LHD Group is an international company that has been providing full-service solutions and products including workwear, personal protective equipment, and protective gloves along with corporate fashion, uniforms & combat clothing for over 10 years.

The occupational health and safety act of 1984 provide employers with safety guidelines they must meet in order to protect workers from possible hazards in the workplace. The LHD Group provide protective gloves as part of its commitment to supplying the highest standard of protective wear to its customers.  
Specialists in Hand Protection

Hand protection is a specialist area covering a vast number of applications across a variety of industries. At LHD, we have a comprehensive range of protective gloves designed to protect your staff’s hands from cuts, abrasions, heat, hazardous chemicals, other harmful liquids; right through to food handling and various medical applications.  For the most effective hand protection in the workplace, our protective gloves are made from a range of materials, including latex, leather, synthetic materials, cotton, PVC, nitrile and any combination of these that might be required for protective gloves in specific environments.  

One of the most common debilitating injuries occurring in the Australian workplace is to hands, 30% of which occur in manufacturing. At LHD Group, we take hand protection very seriously because we’re aware that up to 60% of these injuries can be reduced with the proper protection, such as protective gloves, effectively suitable for a variety or work environments.

We understand Health and Safety Requirements

At LHD Group we have a comprehensive understanding of health and safety requirements as set out by the government, so we can provide you with a standard of protection with protective gloves that will best suit your particular, or specific needs. Our range of protective gloves are chemical, heat and cut resistant to give the highest possible cover and protection for your staff’s hands.

Making the Correct Choice

With a wide range of applications for protective gloves, it’s extremely important to make the correct choice. Selecting your protective gloves must be made carefully based on the type of work they will be used for and, of course, the materials from which they are made.  

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If you’re looking for peace of mind and the highest quality cover for your staff, whichever industry you might be in, contact us at LHD Group and talk to our friendly staff about which protective gloves will be most suitable for your workplace safety.

Fully Accredited

As an ISO 9001 accredited professional, LHD Group Australia has been a dedicated protective clothing and services provider for over a decade.