Protective Footwear

Investing in protective footwear is one of the most important decisions that you are going to ever have to make. This is because our feet are very susceptible to a variety of different injuries.  

It is vitally important that you guard your toes as their main function is to help you maintain your balance and mobility. Investing in a good quality protective footwear won’t only help to prevent your feet from being crushed, but prevent sharp objects being able to come through the soles of the boot. A good footwear will also prevent you from slipping which could lead to injuries such as damage to hips, knees, ankles or lower back.   

Over the years manufacturers have now developed a wider selection of protective footwear.  All with increased shock absorption, flexible soles, metal guards and linings to prevent chafing.   

Here at LHD-Group we are able to supply both men and women with good quality comfortable protective footwear. We stock those made by Haix and Rossi and which meet relevant standards when it comes to protective clothing. These are all manufactured under the quality guidance of NCSI quality endorsed systems, Australian International Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

Every item of protective footwear we offer has undergone rigorous testing by the manufacturers. This is to ensure that they are able to meet the very highest requirements necessary in relation to anti-slip, robustness and resistance. Each pair provides the wearer with optimum levels of safety no matter what their occupation is.   

As you would expect each pair of boots on offer is made from using the finest quality materials. Plus they are made using the latest technology to ensure that they aren’t only durable but also feel comfortable when worn.   

When looking for protective footwear that also offers a high level of comfort then look no further than LHD-Group. We have a good selection of footwear that will able to meet your needs no matter what industry it is you work in.   

We can offer you a detailed consultation so we are able to a more comprehensive understanding of what your needs are. Then our in our house team of designers will then work with you to help create a bespoke solution to your needs. If you would like to learn more about what we have available then please contact us by completing our online contact form. As you will soon see we can help you to remain safe and secure at all times.