Personal Protective Clothing

In Section 19 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 there are certain obligations that a employer needs to meet.  These are all designed to provide staff with protection against any possible hazards where they work.

These needs must be met by the employer without any costs being incurred by their staff.

The kinds of personal protective clothing that an employer might need to provide include such items as:

Shields, visorts, goggles or spectacles

Ear muffs or plugs


Breathing Apparatus

Shoes or boots

Helmets, hoods, hats or caps

But not anyone with the company will be asked to ensure that the right personal protective clothing is provided.  The person chosen should be some who:

1.  Is able to assess and then judge which type clothing offers the best level of protection for the work getting done.

2.  They are able to identify which type of personal protective clothing is the most suitable for the tasks being carried out.

3.  This person is going to have to not only supervise but also ensure that personal protection at work is enforced.

4.  They will make sure that the personal protection clothing is used in the correct way.  If this means that they need to provide staff with instructions on how to wear it or use it then they should give them this.

5.  Must make sure that there is no misuse of the clothing, nor that it becomes damaged.  If it does become damaged then of course they will need to arrange for the replacement of such.  The same also goes for arranging to get any such protective clothing for personnel cleaned.

If such isn't looked after well then of course this could pose a risk to the person using it.   For example should a tear appear in the tubes of breathing apparatus these need replacing immediately.

6.  It is important that the person in charge of all clothing for personal protection inspects it often.  This way they can identify any problems including where it might be malfunctioning.  They can then inform those of such issues and get the matter rectified as quickly as possible.

If you would prefer you may find getting a company that provides your personal protection clothing to take on this role.  They will have a much better understand of the requirements set out by the government.