Industrial Laundry

LHD Group have become synonymous with providing good quality protective clothing.  Yet we can also offer to our customers a high quality industrial laundry service as well.

As we have quite a name to live up to we have taken the approach of being open and positive.  We want to ensure that we provide you our clients with the best industrial laundry service possible and all at very affordable rates.

Our commercial laundry service has been very carefully thought through to ensure that we offer a fully rounded service to our client, that we know works for them.  Our team are determined to provide you with good customer service every day.

The team employed in our industrial laundry facility deal with all kinds of fabrics that have been soiled beyond the typical levels that the clothes we wear every day aren’t affected by.  We use agents that are able to remove dirt, grime, stains, chemicals, grease, bacteria, food, and biological hazards that have become embedded in the clothes.

We also care about the environment and we take great care about the amount of water and chemicals we use in our industrial laundry services.   We use the latest technology that helps us to recycle the water we use in the cleaning of the items that our clients send to us.

We care for and respect our environment, so we work hard to ensure that when cleaning items in our industrial laundry facilities we do so without causing any damage to the planet.

But it isn’t all about the planet!  Here at LHD Group the satisfaction of our customers remains paramount.  We work hard to ensure that we maintain a level of service that is second to none and return the items sent to our facilities in the best condition possible.

Through the latest technology we are able to offer our customers customized solutions that are able to meet their specific needs.  Each member of our team will take the time to analyse the customer’s needs.  They will then come up with a specific system for cleaning the items that not only ensures that the items are returned to them in the best condition possible.  They will also ensure that the items get cleaned within the customer’s budget.

At the same time we work hard to ensure that we comply with the strictest standards in relation to safety, hygiene and quality control regarding industrial laundry facilities.  Something our customers have come to expect with the range of safety clothing we can supply.