Arc Flash Protection

LHD Group With over a decade as an ISO 9001 accredited professional, LHD Group Australia is an international company that specialises in providing full-service solutions and products. Our products include workwear, personal protective equipment, such as arc flash protection clothing and equipment along with corporate fashion, uniforms & combat clothing that fully comply with Australian safety standards.

What is an Arc Flash?

An arc flash is most often caused by a serious arc fault within a power system when an electric current flows through an air gap between conductors. An arc flash can be caused by a variety of issues.

The impacts of an arc flash can be extremely destructive to equipment and can cause severe injuries to operating personnel. Arcing faults can produce strong shock waves capable of blowing any personnel nearby, off their feet. There’s also the added risk of flying debris, shock hazards and severe sound waves.
Providing the Safest Arc Flash Protection

With such potential hazards in certain workplaces, it’s extremely important to have the very best arc flash protection clothing and equipment available. At LHD Group, we provide a variety of industry safety standard protective clothing and equipment, to protect your personnel in potentially hazardous arc flash environments.

Our range of quality high standard Arc flash protection clothing covers and protects all parts of the body and can include:

  • Varying weight, switching suit kits
  • Arc flash overall kits
  • Helmets and face shields
  • Ratcheted face shields
  • Balaclavas
  • Inch coats
  • Gloves
  • Flash hoods
  • Leggings
  • Outerwear systems

Depending on what your requirements might be, at LHD Group, we have the protective clothing and equipment to keep your personnel as safe as possible while they’re on the job.

All of our arc flash protection clothing and equipment has appropriate industry standard safety ratings for various situations and workplace environments. This means your personnel will be properly and safely covered for each situation they’re working in.

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If you’re looking for peace of mind and the highest quality cover for your staff, whichever industry you might be in, contact us at LHD Group and talk to our friendly staff about which arc flash protection clothing and equipment will be most suitable for your workplace safety.

Fully Accredited

As an ISO 9001 accredited professional, LHD Group Australia has been a dedicated protective clothing and services provider working with Australian and New Zealand Fire, Emergency/Rescue, Protection, Defence, Resource & Professional/Corporate industry sectors for over 10 years.